do micr codes change?

POSTED BY dipak kalola ON April 6, 2013 10:11 am COMMENTS (3)

hi all learned people,

i need to provide micr code of my bank. when searched on web, the last 4 characters r different. when i asked my bank, again it is not the same. And when i checked  my latest cheque book, the code is different. So my confusion is: does micr code of a bank tend to change over a period of time? who to believe? i think websites r the least to rely upon.

N.B. when i asked sbi helpline, they also gave me the code that is found on websites.



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  1. Dear Dipak, you are always welcome. Please keep visiting forum.



  2. Dear Dipak, this is the most authentic source for MICR.

    If it’s different then what’s written in your cheque book, it’s time to change at least your branch if not bank itself. 🙂



    1. dipak kalola says:

      Thanks Ashal for providing the link. Yes the micr code on cheque and on RBI site r same.
      Surprisingly still SBI helpline gives the code thats found on other sites. Bank managers r sometimes not abreast with the latest.
      again thanks a lot.

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