Do I need to pay for Postal Charges towards information asked under RTI Act ?

POSTED BY subhaschandrac ON January 3, 2014 12:26 pm COMMENTS (5)


Recently I have applied seeking information under RTI from karnataka adminstrative Tribunal bangalore which is court established to take up service matters of state Govt Employees) and paid Rs 10/- towards fee.

But surprisingly I received an communication requesting further payment of Rs 35/- more for  postal charges. My question is whether they are right legally under RTI Act 2005 to seek postal charges from information seekers?

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  1. Sibin says:

    I think they can ask for postal changes and they are to send the document through Speed Post/Registered post.

  2. subhaschandrac says:

    No sir never
    Because i have obtained number of documents under RTI from numerous institution like Accountant General’s , Divisional commissioners office etc but they never asked for postal charges but of course they could collect money for stationery when copies of documents are more than one or two pages or information is to be supplied in soft copy in the form of CD etc
    but what surprised me is that they are calling it postal charges which is always chargeable under office expenditure treating as part of their normal official corrospondence
    The Institution to which i referred being judicial one as such a lingering doubt arises in my mind whether the are placed on different pedestal? when it comes to RTI

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Subhash, I think you are talking about the postal fee to post documents to you from the institution. Yes, this fee can be demanded from you under RTI.



  4. subhaschandrac says:

    i have sent my request through speed post to cpio concenedafter enclosing Rs 10/- postal order drawn in favour of CPIO at bangalore towards normal fee which they have acknowleged saying that it will be treated towards processing fee
    Besides through his separate communication at later date sought another Rs40/- that is Rs5/- for information and another Rs 35/- towards Postal charges
    Then again I sent Rs 40/- by way of Postal orders drawn in favour of concerned
    CPIO who happens to be Deputy Registrar (Judicial) equal to rank of Dist judge
    My simple question is whether postal charges for sending information is collectible from information seeker?
    No doubt they did provide me information
    Instead of postal charges they could have charged me for xerox and stationery charges then it would have been ok under rules.
    But they collected Rs35/- calling postal charges that has perplexed me.
    can u enlighten me?

  5. Where did you pay the Rs 10 fees ? Finally it has to reach the CPIO office . If you send it yourself , then you have to send it through registered post . So you bear the cost anywyas.

    I am not sure if you have paid this fees at some office in local area. In which case they might demand the postal charges which they will use to send it to the main office (CPIO) office.


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