Do I need Personal Accident Insurance if I have Medical (Health) Insurance ?

POSTED BY Viral D ON December 4, 2012 12:40 pm COMMENTS (2)

I was asked by my friend whether I have Personal Accident Policy or not. Then I searched for it. And found it useful at some points. 

I do have a mediclaim with cover worth 5 Lac. Shold I opt for the Personal Accident Policy? 

Questions is if I meet with an accident, won’t my Mediclaim do the job? Or I need to have personal accident policy? 

Your Opinion Required, As I am not from this field.

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  1. Dhinesh Kumar says:

    Personal accident policy will be giving life cover in case of death …..Medi-claim policy helps to cover the medical expenses in case of accident ..that’s the main difference.

  2. Mediclaim if adequate will cover the medical expenses if an accident occurs. If in the accident someone loses an arm or leg etc. then accident insurance provided a lumpsum which can be used for long term expenses in particular household expenses if the individual cannot work anymore.

    they are very different and both essential especially if there is a chance accident can affect livelihood.

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