Diversified vs. Small and mid cap

POSTED BY Niraj Dugar ON February 1, 2013 3:50 pm COMMENTS (2)

Why is BSL MNC fund categorised under small and mid cap by crisil wheras UTI MNC fund is categorised under diversified equity?



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  1. Dear Niraj, are you planning to invest in these or one of these funds? if yes, Why? If not, again why? what was your reason to put this query? I want to understand your own thought process first. By the way – the underlying portfolio of the 2 funds ‘ll decide the classification.



  2. . They have same benchmark and similar portfolios allocations difference market caps. The only difference is the diversification across MNCs is much more for UTI than BSL. This could be the reason. Value Research puts them down under ‘equity: others’ because of the MNC factor I guess.

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