Difference in Retirement Corpus Calculator

POSTED BY Kapil ON November 6, 2011 8:38 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi Manish,

I am trying to do some finacnial planning and was trying to calculate the corpus that I would need for my retirement.

I found two calculators on your website, one in excel format located at – http://public.sheet.zoho.com/public/manish.pucsd/retirement-calculator

And, the other one which is online located at – https://www.jagoinvestor.com/calculators/html/Retirement-Calculator.html

I wonder both are giving me varied results and disparity is of more than 40%.

I was wondering if I am making a mistake somewhere or one of the calculator is outdated etc.

Pls. guide. Awaiting your response.

P.S. – JagoInvestor is simply beyond amazing and doing a pretty good job in keeping investors informed.


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  1. Kapil Malhotra says:

    Cool. Thanks for a prompt reply.

    JagoInvestor actually “Jago-fied” me and hence, I have started with my financial planning.

    Would definitely be having many questions over a period of next weeks, and I would be taking the help of this forum.

    Just so you know, the “action-month” yielded me 3 term policies for me and my family.

    Highly appreciated.

    Kapil Malhotra

    1. Kapil

      Good to hear that .. congrats for taking some action 🙂

  2. Kapil

    Actually both are same kind of calculators and there is no discrepency . The one at http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/calculators/html/Retirement-Calculator.html is more accurate and detailed .

    This one has two additional parameters like “increse in salary per year” which is absent in the zoho calculator , also the returns for pre-retirement and post retirement are there in the first calculator where as in zoho one its taken as one itself ..

    Zoho calculator is pretty old which i made when i was “kid” 🙂 . So please use the http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/calculators/html/Retirement-Calculator.html


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