Shall i Buy DHFL Pramerica Future Idols Gold + or NOT ?

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There are some good plans which are provided by DHFL Pramerica. I would like to know if anyone has researched them, analysed or let me know if DHFL can be Trusted.

The plan DHFL Pramerica Future Idols Gold+ is a child progress plan. Here is the link

The returns are looking very good and my financial adviser is also interested in buying this policy for his own.

I would appreciate if anyone from Jagoinvestor Gurus can put some light and share their views about this policy. I am not sure but I did not see any bad comments or reviews about them on the Internet.

Eagerly waiting for your suggestions. Thank you in advance.

Thank you.

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  1. Sanket Z says:

    Dear Manish,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will definitely check it and will not get trapped in such schemes. I have one more question if you don’t mind as below.

    DHFL-Fixed deposit scheme-10% yield-Can we invest?
    Last week there was a request from one of my friend who wanted to invest in DHFL Fixed deposit scheme, but wanted to know more about this investment product. DHFL fixed deposit schemes indicate that the annualized yield is as high as 15.94%. Should we invest in DHFL Fixed deposit scheme, what are the risks involved?
    They have a long duration plan as well by name of

  2. Its a ENDOWMENT plan . So the short answer is NO , you should not invest in it, unless you are interested in safe return of 5-6% over a long term which will kill all the appreciation because of inflation .

    Guide your agent that he should also not buy it ! . Ask him what is IRR return over 10-20 yrs ?


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