Designing personalized pension plan

POSTED BY Ajinkya Darshane ON March 10, 2013 11:09 pm ONE COMMENT

Age – 55

years remaining for retirement – 3 

monthly salary – Rs. 71,000 (goverment employee)

comfortable equity : debt raito of 25:75

monthly expenses – Rs. 18,000

GIS + GPF + Gradudity = Rs. 25,00,000

monthly pension by government – Rs. 35,000 per month 

how to generate monthly income after retirement?

he wants to feel the gap of almost it possible?

Assets –

PPF = Rs. 2,00,000

real estate(rental income) = Rs.12,000/ month


loan – he will have to pay Rs15,000 per month for 5 years 

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  1. Dear Ajinkya, why he wants to fill the gap? If his mly expenses is just 18K & he is going to receive 35K Rs. pension + 12K mly rent, where is the need to get regular pension from the available corpus?

    What type of loan he is running in as of now, which ‘ll last for next 5Y?

    Please clarify.



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