Demerits of investing in E- gold (National spot exchange Ltd.).

POSTED BY naveenarichwal ON November 10, 2011 5:52 pm COMMENTS (5)

I want to invest in E Gold 1 unit per month ,since it provides me the opportunity to convert demat Egold into physical gold at every 8 unit(8grams) while ETF and other form of demat gold dont allow this facility.
Rest of things r like ETF.
I want to know what r the other charges that i have to pay for E Gold

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  1. ANIL KUMAR C H says:

    In fact when i subscribed to HDFC Gold ETF they never told me abt this in the first place, but when i sold after 18 months upon receipt of the sale proceeds long term capital gains was deducted

  2. ANIL KUMAR C H says:

    I think its better to buy physical gold rather than ETF since ETF attracts short term as well as long term capital gains tax, No advisor will tell u abt capital gains since they r afraid that u may back out, they will def try to convince tat it is good, much safer like that , but when u sell either u end up paying short term (sell before 1 year) or long term (sell after 1 year) capital gains tax.

  3. Surojit Mandal says:

    No problem sir its very easy Just u have need to open a Spot De-mat account an trading account after you can buy EGOLD & ESILVER VERY can make me a call any time for know more information about spot echange market meke me a call on my no 9038103789


  4. Geet says:

    You can also refer to below link for the details.

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