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I want to open a Demat account. There are many demat account service providers lke ICICDirect, sharekhan, etc.. may anyone tell me that which is the best Demat account providers with respect to service and charges. I want to trade online without downloading of any software.



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  1. Sameer says:

    Hi Rajan,

    If you need to trade online without downloading any software then look for the broker who provides web based trading.
    You need to have Demat account and Trading account.
    Demat account has got annual maintenance charges varying from Rs300 to Rs600.
    Trading account has no annual maintenance charge, but an opening charge of around Rs 300 to …
    I has got SBI Demat account and I can see the demat holdings online. I would recommend not to go for it, as the customer service is WORST. I never got a response back from them for any query. Can’t get hold of them on phone too.

  2. Sunil Kumar says:

    Best is ICICIDIRECT with host of integrated services and no frauds.

  3. Abhishek says:

    Hi Rajan,

    You can open a demat account with your bank and open a trading account with any established broker. You can negotiate the charges if you can give volume in trading.

    There is not much difference in charges as there is a lot of competition in Brokerages. You can talk to a couple of brokers which have online trading facility without software.. most of them have it


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