Demat account transfer from Karvy to Religare

POSTED BY mbaskar07 ON February 25, 2014 7:23 pm COMMENTS (3)

Now I am holding some mutual fund a/c in Karvy Demat a/c I want to close my Karvy demat a/c and transfer them to my another demat a/c in Religare what I have to do ?

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  1. Sathish says:

    Hi My uncle holding shares with karvy demat where recently i have opened my demat with religare.If he intiates transfer of share from his account how much tat it will take reach my account ?

    1. Hi Sathish

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Mbaskar, please open a Religare Demat account if not opened already and after that contact Karvy to trnasfer your demat account holding to Religare under offline mode.



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