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POSTED BY RAJESH PAI ON October 18, 2011 4:43 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hi ,
I have shares of perfect circle india limited, but currenlty it is de listed in NSE and BSE, how can i sell or surrender these shares.

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  1. RAJESH PAI says:

    Hi vishal’ please let me know how to contact you.

  2. Vishal Sorathiya says:

    Friend, I am buyer of almost all delisted company’s equity shares.

  3. RAJESH PAI says:

    Thanks a Lot Ankur For valueable suggestion.

  4. Ankur Lakhia says:


    Company’s latest annual report for year ending March ’11 is available on their website. Link below:

    While going through report, I noticed that promoters are holding more than 95% of equity. I guess this allows them to delist the company from stock exchanges and that is what they seem to have done.

    I also noticed that they have given Rs. 1/- per share in dividend for the year.

    Now, as a minority share holder of an unlisted company, you can not do much about it. You can decide to hold on to your shares and enjoy whatever dividend payout you receive. Other option is to take-up the matter directly with Company secretary and see if they are willing to buy your shares. If they show their willingness, you need to see what money they are offering and decide whether to accept the deal or not. If they decide to make an offer, most likely, they will try to buy you out for cheap. But, then they know that minority share holder does not have many options.

    I realise that either of these are not good options. But, life is not always fair, especially in stock market. Hope this helps.

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