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I am planning to invest 10K for each month,. For short term goal like 3 years. i am looking for best DEBT funds to start a SIP.  It may be single fund or more than 1 , for the total amount of 10k. Please advise me which DEBT funds to choose.

Secondly, will be receiving bonus of 1 lac by next week, planning to invest again for short term goal. Already i had FD in co operative society (with 10.5% interest ) . So shall i park this 1 lac in the same style of FD. or any other alternative avenues are left for me.




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  1. I will define best debt fund as one with near minimal risk. Return difference of 1-2% will not make a big difference in a 3 yr SIP.

    So park it in a single short term fund like HDFC Short Term Opportunities
    or even a ultra short term fund like Reliance Money manager for lower risk

    You can park the 1 L also in the same short term fund assuming the duration is 3 yrs. It is more tax efficient that FD for those in 30% slab

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