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I am planning to invest 10K for each month,. For short term goal like 3 years. i am looking for best DEBT funds to start a SIP.  It may be single fund or more than 1 , for the total amount of 10k. Please advise me which DEBT funds to choose.

Secondly, will be receiving bonus of 1 lac by next week, planning to invest again for short term goal. Already i had FD in co operative society (with 10.5% interest ) . So shall i park this 1 lac in the same style of FD. or any other alternative avenues are left for me.




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  1. Dear Dev, as you are already in 20% tax slab, FDs or RDs may not be a good idea from taxation point. Please invest all the money be it mly or lump sum into a liquid fund from the same AMC where you are already having an Eq. fund. For example if you are already investing in Quantum Long Term Eq. fund, you may invest in Quantum Liquid Fund.



  2. Dev says:

    I am on 20% tax slab.

  3. Dear Dev, what’s your tax slab?



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