Death Claim – Delaying by SBI Life

POSTED BY Gowtam ON October 17, 2012 12:01 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear All,

I request you to help me to take necessary steps in terms of Death Claim of my Father.

He has expired on 25th March 2012 and holds a 3.5 Lakhs policy with SBI Life Insurance(50,000 premium per year). He has taken that policy in Dec 2011. Seems to be more of a Early Claim. He passed away due to Heart Stroke.

As this is a endowment plan. he didn’t have prior medical checkups. We have submitted all the necessary documents for Death Claim including the Service Report from the employer and have also given the necessary details related to Leave Records.

However, they have been delaying this for a long time now. Its been Five months now, there’s no progress. They have been asking us the same documents again and again. Moreover, My Dad was a Diabetic patient. He never bothered about his health and didn’t take proper care about his check ups. Now, the investigation agent is asking for the 2009/2010 health certificates for which we don’t have any of those certificates or treatment records with us.

Looks like they are intentionally delaying this. At a given time, they have told us that its a genuine case and the Claim will be approved within sometime. But today, they state us the same reason.

In such cases, what is the necessary step that I can probably take and let this close. Request your suggestions in this regard.


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  1. Himanshu says:

    Dear Gowtam,

    Wait for one more month as the time period allowed by IRDA also for completing the investigation is 6months.

    Even after the completion of 6 month if they don’t settle the claim then just launch a complain with IRDA.

    Following link will be useful :

  2. Viswanath S says:

    @Gowtam – If you have submitted all required documents and there was nothing hidden or incorrect information provided by your father while submitting the application for insurance policy, there shouldn’t be any reason for any insurance company to delay the claim.

    You can reach out the telephone numbers mentioned in the following they may be able to help you in getting your issue closed.

    You can also reach out Regional Customer Service Desk numbers mentioned @

    If you aren’t happy with the service/decision you can always reach out ombudsman. refer to the link for required details –


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