Cutting on DD is valid or not.

POSTED BY Manish awasthi ON March 17, 2012 3:14 pm COMMENTS (3)

The name got incorretlly printed on a DD by SBI person. The name printed was “CAOVENER ” INSTEAD OF “COVENER” .. when i highlighted this to SBI person and requested him to create a new DD , with a pen he corrected the name and then wrote “cutting appoved” and did his signature and then put a SBI stamp………

Now i would like to know whether this DD is valid as i’m aware bank doesnt not accpet a cheque with cutting on it but I’m not aware if a DD with cutting is valid or not.

thE DD is payable at SBI jodhpur,(Rajasthan).

If the DD is invalid in that case does bank needs to create a new DD ,as this mistake is from a SBI ececutive.



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  1. Dear Manish, as the cutting is endorsed by sign & seal of SBI official, in my opinion, it should be accepted & process over.



  2. BanyanFA says:

    I RBI’s circular specifically mentions about cheques and that no correction is allowed for cheques. However, it doesn’t mention about correction on DDs. Hence I would assume that correction made on DDs should be valid as long as they are signed by the issuer.


  3. Cutting and endorsing is a valid practice in banking. However if the recipient refuses to accept this it may be a problem for you – importantly you may miss the deadlines. Just walk into SBI and tell them the convenor/institute has refused this DD and ask them to issue a new one with no cost to you. If they hesitate ask for a complaint book and you will immediately see you get a new DD – fresh and clean!

    I have used this tactic (asking for complaint book) many years ago when I was in the line for a DD and the SBI clerk/officer said it was 2pm and the counter is closed. Huh! The moment I asked for a complaint book they grudgingly gave me the DD. This works in several organizations especially banks.

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