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I always wonder how the currency rates between countries work and how they are managed & Valued?.

For Example


1 US Dollor =   44.49 Indian Rupee

1 US Dollor =   30.96 Taiwan Dollor

1 Taiwan $ =   1.437 Indian Rupee



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  1. It’s a complete separate market – Forex like any other exchange – Stock exchange etc. You buy or sell currencies like you buy or sell shares. And the price of these currencies goes up or down depending upon demand & supply rule.

    Get a free demo account with any online forex broker & see yourself. This is the most interesting market.

    Hope it will help you.

  2. Arun Prashanth Gounder says:

    when you trade currencies your just actually exchanging them … you buy a currency and sell another .. you buy 1 USD and sell 44.49 INR for that .. so if the USD strengthens then 1 USD can buy more INR … thats how money is made and lost … when coupled with leverage ( upto 500 times capital ) the returns can be astounding … such large leverage is given because positions can be easily closed when they cross margin limits because of the liquidity available .. abt 2 trillion $ is traded in the forex markets daily …

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