Critical Illness Insurance from Govt or Pvt Insurance company ?

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I am interested in taking critical illness insurance , I am not sure whether I should take from life insurance company or general life insurance company..kindly suggest some companies for the same.

While searching, I found max bupa critical insurance covering 20 critical illness and while checking quote for this on their site, I came across two terms like Personal Accident & Hospital Cash…kindly guide

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  1. VinManHBK007 says:

    Personal accident policy provides insurance against accident to self at varied conditions which are listed by the company. Various disabilities are also covered depended on the type of the cover chosen. You can search for ‘Personal Accident’ in the SEARCH box and know more about it.

    Hospital cash is the add on feature with PA wherein on hospitalisation the family is entitled to cash allowance with respect to the sum assured as percentage.

    About critical illness i would like you to go through

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