Critical Illness Cover,Top Up Cover And Super Topup Cover

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I already have a Mediclaim Family Floater Policy and wanted to add additional Medical cover.

I have some medical issues and found that the critical illness cover plans in the market do not cover existing illness ( Confirmed by a Medimanage Customer Service Representative Also ).Even in case of covered illness I found too many conditions ( like first heart attack will not be covered ).

Thanks to Manish, I saw an article comparing Top Up And Super Top Up Plans in the Jagoinvestor Website and thought of going for Super Top Up Cover.The Only disadvantage I see here is that Pre Existing Illness is not covered for 4 years.

Let me know your opinion on which of the below 3 options will be better for a person with Medical Issue.

1.Critical Illness Cover
2.Medical Top Up Cover
3.Medical Super Top Up Cover.

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  1. Dear Vksnathan, in the same article you are referring to, dear Mahavir Chopra of medimanage said that he is of the opinion of having a large cover under existing health policy. I’m of the same opinion. Instead of dealing with 2 insurers or 2 policies, it make sense to deal with a single large cover policy. Yes the prem. ‘ll be high but the same ‘ll be compensated as & when there is a single large claim.



  2. vksnathan says:

    Ok.Thanks.Sounds like a good idea.

    One Less Policy To Handle !

  3. Why don’t you simply increase your sum insured as much as you can each year and opt for a top up cover as and when needed?

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