Credit cards NOT for Journalists?

POSTED BY tukar.bhankas ON February 2, 2012 12:29 pm COMMENTS (2)

Is it true that banks does not provide Credit Cards to Journalists? Or to Police / Military personnel / Lawyers? If yes, why so?

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  1. BFA says:

    Hi Tukar,
    As mentioned by Ashal, it is very much dependent upon the bank’s internal credit policies. However, each credit card company obtains a feed from the credit rating agencies about the credit worthiness of the applicant. Hence, you must try your best that your credit scores are not bad. This can be found by requesting for your credit file from CIBIL. Any items which appear as negative in CIBIL report should be actively worked upon to improve your credit score. Item such as failure to pay any of your utility supplier can even end up appearing in your CIBIL report to show that a person is not credit worthy.

    If you have a relationship with a particular bank, then the credit card can be provided by the bank in regards to that relationship. Hence try to stick on to a bank and try to ensure that all your banking needs (as far as possible) are met from a same bank – unless it is very expensive to stick on to a particular bank.

  2. Dear Tukar, Each bank has it’s own policy to decide whom to offer & whom to not, it’s certain services say Credit card. Please do note Credit card is an unsecured loan & based upon it’s internal guidelines, bank has every right to offer or not this loan (read credit card).

    I can not comment on the individual professions mentioned by you, as these are policy matters for each bank .

    One may get now a days instant credit card against bank FDs if normal credit card is not available.



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