Credit Card while moving abroad

POSTED BY Ram Mohan ON September 30, 2012 1:32 pm COMMENTS (3)

Can I continue to use my INdian credit card if I move abroad till the time I get one there? Is there a possibility to speak to the bank to convert my Indian card to an overseas card?

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  1. You can use your card for trips uninterrupted until 1 year. If you visit India in the interim the time period gets reset. Also SB acct gets changed to NRE after 6 months of continuous stay.

  2. Ram Mohan says:

    ok thanks, but as per RBI regulations or something, am I not supposed to cancel my credit cards when I’m moving abroad? Just like I have to convert my savings account to NRI or NRE?

    I’m asking about using the card temporarily while abroad till I get settled or get a new card there…

  3. You can continue using the same but it will incur additional charges upto 3-5% for transactions in a currency not in INR.

    Credit card cannot be transferred because the same bank existing in different countries are separate legal entities and they have different procedures for issing a credit card. However some corporates have a tie up with banks like Citi so when an employee relocates to a foreign location Citi agrees to provide them a Credit card in the foreign currency. Hope this helps.

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