Credit Card for NRI

POSTED BY Yogesh Pandey ON May 17, 2013 12:09 pm COMMENTS (4)

Dear Manish & Ashal,

What are the ways by which NRI can get credit card from Indian banks?


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  1. Dear Yogesh, the info provided ro you by ICICI or HDFC is correct RBI is correcting the guidelines to make the Indian banks’ credit card operation more secure against global frauds. Please check with SBI for Fd linked card.



  2. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Pandey,

    You can opt for NRI specific credit cards issued by lending institutions like SBI Cards, Kotak Bank etc. Do an online search on the respective bank’s website for detailed information on their “terms and conditions”, fees and look for benefits like currency conversion charges, airport lounge access charges, fraud protection etc. before finalizing on the card.


  3. Yogesh Pandey says:

    Dear Ashal, Many thanks for reply. I am already having a credit card from outside bank with a decent credit limit. Just for shake of having it from Indian bank’s and to crate some credit history I was looking for it. I already been HDFC and ICICI bank for credit card against FD, but even then they are not ready to provide me credit card. As per them from this year RBI’s has changed ther police about credit card for NRIs.
    My effort is going on with other banks for it.
    Is there any other way to get credit card?

  4. Dear Yogesh, being NRI, are you asking to use the Credit card in india or abroad? if your intention is to use out of India most of the time, please get one from the country you are residing as of now. In case you want to use primarrily for India, please contact the bank where you are already having NRE/NRO or RO bank account in india.



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