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POSTED BY Prakash Rai ON January 30, 2013 11:01 am COMMENTS (4)

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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Prakash,

    Did you clear all the balances before blocking the credit card? The interest and the annual charges on the balance amount could have ballooned to Rs. 78,120. In interest of saving time we would advise that ask the bank the details of Rs.78,120 without asking for the statement.

    If Rs.78,120 is the accumulated amount then there is nothing much that can be done about it. As a consumer it is your responsibility to keep a track on the payments irrespective of whether the bank sends you a monthly statement or not.


  2. Dear Prakash, if you demand an old mly statement from any bank (not only S&C) it’s chargeable. So 150 Rs. demanded by S&C for every quarter is justified.

    Please pay as per your required time frame & check the exact details. By the way, as you blocked the card, was it already disputed at that time? if yes, for what reasons?

    Please clarify. Solutions can be offered only after knowing the problem in full.



  3. Prakash Rai says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Request you to please guide me for following:-

    1) I was using credit card of Standared Charted Bank 5-6 years back,and I blocked that card 5-6 years back.Their is no tranjaction on the card from last 5-6 years.But Standared charted bank,Credit card department has informed me that their is a pending balance on my card(Rs.78120).Now I am asking from bank to send me my trajectiondetails(Credit card statement).They are asking me Rs.150 for every three month statement. Why I should pay for card statement?

    2) I have written many mails to Standared Chanted bank customer care but,I am not getting any proper response.I wanted to apply home loan,But because of this,I am not getting home loan approval from bank,As my CIBILrating has gone down,Because Standared charted bank has given a write-up against me.

    Where I should make a complain against bank,Or what should I do in this case ?

  4. Dear Prakash, what’s the query?



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