Creating a MF Portfolio for long-term investment

POSTED BY Siva ON March 19, 2013 2:21 pm COMMENTS (7)


I am planning to invest in a mutual fund to acheive my long-term goals like my childrens marrriage and education. For this I request all to help in creation of portfolio and selection of funds to invest.

Please advice


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  1. Dear Siva, with out knowing your family members details & your actual requirements of corpus, how can I answer?



  2. Dear Siva, if I recall right, about a year ago, you were asking the same question. Please do not invest in Eq. funds at all if the time frame is limited to just 5Y. A simple product like bank RD ‘ll be good enough for your risk. Yes corpus as per your requirement ‘ll be there or not, is a different thing.



    1. Siva says:

      Ashal, Since I am creating an portfolio for my long term I will definitely invest more than 5 years. Can you suggest me on the time frame for the long-term investment.

      1. Ramesh says:

        If you are around 30 years, think long term as 40-50-60 years.

  3. Not clear how far away your goals are. More than 5 years is vague. If is 6 years then you should limit your exposure to equity to only about 30%. In such cases your risk appetite is not important the duration to your goal is.

    For a goal about 10 years away you could choose a good balanced fund like HDFC Balanced or prudence. Usually one would go with a fund like quantum long term equity which has large cap and smal-.mid-cap exposure. however in your case the amt you can invest is quite small. Not sure you will be able to meet your goals with this amt. So lesser risk is recommended.

    In case you want to know how to choose a MF you could read

    Be clear about your goals. How much you need to save and try and increase the amt that can be saved.

  4. Raghav says:

    Dear Siva,
    You need to share more details.
    How many years can you stay invested
    How much can you invest
    What is your goal
    What is your risk profile


    1. Siva says:

      Raghav, I can accommodate 3000 per month and want to go in an SIP mode. As I mentioned I am opting this for long term it would be for more than 5 years. My goal are to achieve my child’s education and marriage. I am an average risk taker.

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