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I have done MBA with specialisation in finance and was working as asst. professor in private college. Recently i got married and moved to US, now i want to add a professional qualification like CPA or CFP to my resume. I want you to suggest me the better option betweem both and the time taken to complete them . i can start working only if i can update my resume with these certifications as required by the companies here . Please help me to take a good decision.

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  1. My knowledge on this is limited , but still i know a bit

    – CFP is more on personal finance advisory and dealing with retail customers . Its scope of work is different . Not sure where do you want to work as a CFP . if its US ,i am not sure you CFP certification standards there ,but in India you can clear it in 6 months – 1 yrs , if you are good 🙂

    – CPA is just like CA in india and if you want to work at corporate level then CPA would make sense as you are already an MBA

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