Costs involved in shifting home loan from one bank to another?

POSTED BY roshan ON January 16, 2014 10:16 am COMMENTS (6)

I heard that the thumb rule for shifting home loan from one bank to another is that the new bank should offer a rate of interest at least 1% below your current bank. Is this true?

I came up with list of fees needed to be paid to new bank for transfer of loan. I took an example of a  loan amount of 20 lakh rupees

a)Processing fees (1000rs)

b) Legal fees (3000rs)

c) valuation feed (1500rs)

d) Home loan insurance charges (around 40K for a 20 Lakh loan?)

e) stamp duty charges for mortgage(2000 assuming 1% of loan amount)

it comes to around 47K to shift home loan. is this estimate proper?are there any other fees apart from these ?



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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Roshan, I’m answering that purchasing a term cover has nothing to do with your home loan. Yes as you are running a loan, bank w’d like to make sure that in case of your demise, the money from the claim amount comes to it first.

    If you are purchasing a term cover higher than loan amount, you need not to assign the policy to bank. In my personal case, I’m having a large term cover and policy is not at all assigned to my bank.



  2. roshan says:

    Hello Ashal,

    Thanks for answering my query. Now when you say that home loan has nothing to do with term insurance does it mean that i dont need to make the bank as a nominee when i take a term insurance?


  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Roshan, why do you want to cover your property for 75L Rs. If the market valuation is indeed 75L Rs. and you are ready to pay the required prem. any insurer ‘ll happily provide property cover to you.

    Yes you can avail term cover of your choice. Your home loan has nothing to do with your home loan.



  4. roshan says:

    I have another query. The home loan amount is around 25 lakh. I understand that i can avail property insurance + term insurance.

    a) can i avail property insurance of 75 lakhs although my loan amount is just 25 lakhs? Any idea what the yearly premium will come to?

    b) Can i avail term insurance of 75 lakhs instead of 25 laksh which is my loan amount?


  5. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vz, your assumption seems OK.



  6. AJ PlanRupee says:

    The costs are more or less in order.
    EXCEPT for the insurance component. You are calling it ‘Home Loan Insurance’. It can either be (a) Term Insurance equivalent to the Loan amount OR (b) Property Insurance or a combination of both.
    Bank (institution) may always insist on any and every fee income product to be bundled with the loan. You may do well to know that they can not make it ‘mandatory’. It is a regulatory guideline(RBI) that all insurance can NOT be mandatory with loan.
    In summary:
    – If you already have adequate Term Insurance, provide a copy of that to the bank and you should be OK.
    – Property insurance will be in your own interest BUT the cost is no-where close to what you have mentioned, for 20 Lacs, it could be around Rs. 7,000/-.

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