Continue or Surrender ULIP?

POSTED BY Jig ON July 26, 2011 12:55 am COMMENTS (2)

I have invested in ICICI PRU LIFE INVESTSHIELD Cash in Jan 2007 of premium 10000 per anum and it is continuining so far. SA is 1 Lac. 

Yep i bought or you can say it is missold as requirement of Tax saving.

AFter paying of 5 Yrs its value is now come to what i have invested so far. It is arround 50K. I bought 3 month ago term plan of 30 Lac and now i am not in need of tax saving as i am out of country for work.

What i should do with this policy? should i continue, surrender or any other option???

please suggest



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  1. jignesh says:

    Exactly Manish,
    It was mis bought. I must say that i start knowing financial jungle only after reading JagoInvestor. Initially i was not aware about any financial product,term and anything. Just last one year change my completely from 0 to upto the level that i can talk with advisor,seller regarding their product features.

    Thanks a lot for that

  2. Just surrender this policy now , and take the money , use it for Mutual funds investments now .

    Also what about “You misbought” the policy rather than saying “Mis-sold”


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