Commodities Investment

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  1. R says:

    Pls guide me on commodities investing-what is this about/where to go to for investing/how this works/is it a worthwhile investment avenue & what time frames for investment etc…

    1. commodity trading is highly risk and even more dangerous than day trading in equities.
      This requires quite a bit of research, some basic feel for the trading and enormous risk appetite.For retail investors time is best spent elsewhere
      Still if you want details see this:

      1. R says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        My bank has come up with the suggestion of investing about 5% in commodities to achieve the long term goals of children education/marriage & retirement corpus.Hence the querry. If the bank is regulating the movements, it still won’t be a dependable avenue to generate returns?

        1. Ramesh says:

          Two things:

          1. Since they are trying to sell it to you (which means it is good for them, and at your expense), ask them how ? Ask them in detail about how that is going to help you over the years, say next 5 /10 /30 years. Ask them their presentation or written analysis on the bank’s headletters. Ask them to write the goals and promises on that piece of paper (not a simple paper).

          2. Do not invest in that. Remember that. Unless you can understand the investment vehicle, you should skip.

  2. dear R, what’s the query?



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