Closing Home Loan before tenure

POSTED BY Sandeep ON July 14, 2012 8:49 pm ONE COMMENT

Hello, I have home loan (HL) of 20L from SBI (Maxgain) @ 9.25% fixed interest rate for initial 5yrs, started in May 2009. As per the documents, I can close HL after 3 yrs (i.e. after May-2012). Already, I have done prepayment of 10L.Now, I have another 10L (+4L for refurnishing house, investment) available in hand from my onsite journey.

My net salary is 50K after tax. From saving point of view,
Rs 5000/month SIP investment since 1 yr
No policies,
health insurance covered by my company.

Now, I am confused whether to close my HL completly or not since its overdraft account. Would it be beneficial if I close HL? Your opinion is highly appreciated. (I know finally I have to take a call but before taking any decision, I would like to know your view as well).

Thanks in advance,

– Sandeep

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  1. Dear Sandeep, as the loan in question is SBI max Gain, I w’d like you to not to close the loan. Please keep it open. As the money is available in OD account, the interest outgo is already very low & ‘ll become near zero in coming months once your loan o/s amount equals to your surplus amount. This ‘ll help you to keep liquidity open for you for your money parked in the OD account.



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