Clarification on making Jeevan Surabhi policy Paid up

POSTED BY Srihari R ON July 17, 2013 8:35 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hello Everyone,

I have a Jeevan Surabhi plan with SA : 3,30,000/-, Plan : 25 years (T.No. 108), Commencement date: 2010, Premium amount : 26,878/- yearly & Vested Bonus as on date = 33,000/-

I have so far paid 4 premiums till date (2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013) and have decided to make this one paid up as it is not in line with my financial goals (realized only after coming across this forum).

My question is : Should I continue the policy for one more year (pay the fifth premium) to become eligible for the first money back (20%) or will I get the 20% money back even if I make the policy paid-up now.

Kindly advise.


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  1. Srihari R says:

    Thanks Ashal!

  2. Dear Srihari, the money back amount ‘ll bring down your paid up value. Please take note of this. In case you are not paying your due prem. the money back ‘ll not come to you as policy is not active. By paying one more prem. in 2014, you ‘ll get around 82K Rs. as Money back in 2014. Interestingly, you are getting back only 55000 Rs. roughly as 27K Rs. prem. amount that you paid as one more prem. is there in return. So personally I w’d ask you to make it paid up at this juncture & invest your money from saved prem. amount in future to else where.



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