Claiming exemption in IT Return

POSTED BY Parag Kumar ON June 28, 2012 11:23 am COMMENTS (2)

I had taken a health insurance policy for my my parents in March 2012.
I wanted to claim the tax expemtion for the same under section 80D.
But the last date for submitting the prrofs in my company was over by then.
I am now going to e-file my IT return through IT website.
So while filing my IT returns, can i show the above investment and claim a refund corrosponding to it.
I have the offer document which mentions my name as the proposer of the policy.
So i have the proof but i am not sure if i can claim this although its not mentioned in my Form 16

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  1. Parag Kumar says:

    Thanks for the quick reply Ashal 🙂

  2. Dear Parag, Yes during e-filing process, please fill the prem. amount in the section 80D cell max. amount ‘ll be 15K for non Sr. Citizen Parent & 20K for Sr. Citizen parent + your own prem. upto 15K.

    So in total you can put up to either 30K or 35K as the case may be.

    You ‘ll get the refund of tax. Just relax my dear friend.



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