Claim Settlement Ratio of Health Insurance Companies

POSTED BY Prabuddha Sarkar ON December 24, 2011 8:06 pm COMMENTS (6)

Hello Experts;

I know that IRDA publishes claim settlement ratio for Life Insurance Companies.
Does IRDA publish this information for General Insurance Companies, Health Insurance segment?


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  1. naveen917 says:

    go to the company website. e.g. ICICILOMBARD.COM. Scroll to the “public disclosure” section. Alternatively go to site map first or search for ‘Public Disclosure’ for this company. On the ‘public disclosre’ section you shall get reports of each year. Pick up any report and check how many claims were reported and how many got approved.

  2. Prabuddha Sarkar says:

    Thank you Ashal. Let me review I shall get back.

  3. Dear E-viswanath, there seems some problem with IRDA site. Even I’m not able to open that link at the time of writing this reply. Even home page is also not opening for

    Please wait for some time & recheck with the link.



  4. Dear E viswanath, Please visit irda site & there search for Handbook of Indian Insurers statistics.



  5. e viswanath says:

    Hi Ashal

    Above link is not working for me in IE & mozilla.

    Kindly help.

  6. Dear Prabuddha, Please check the following link.

    Please check Handbook on Indian Insurance Statistics 2009-10 link for your query.



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