Claim LTC while filing returns

POSTED BY Kapil ON July 3, 2012 2:36 pm COMMENTS (6)

Hello JI Experts,

I have a question with respect to claiming LTC while filing returns.

My employer had requested for investment proofs for taxation purposes in the month of Feb 2011. However, I went on a trip in the month of March 2011.

Now, since my Form 16 doesn’t depicts any such LTC tax deduction, how can I claim the same while filing returns?

FYI, I am filing my returns online using the IncomeTaxIndia website. Also, let me know if doing such a thing is recommended in terms of attracting income tax dept’s attention on me?

Also, I understand that we can claim LTC only twice in block of 4 years. So, IncomeTax dept decides the block or it depends upon the employer?

It would be great of I can get JI experts comments on the above question.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Kapil says:

    Thanks Ashal. Today, I filed my returns.

    Hats off to you for your contribution to this forum!!

  2. Dear Kapil, You can modify the details provided in your form 16, based upon the actual nos while filing the ITR. By the way is it 2011 or 2012? Please confirm to discuss any more.



    1. Kapil says:

      Thanks Ashal for your comment.

      I had traveled in March 2012. And, I am filing return for FY 2011-2012.

      Where should I enter the LTC detail in my excel template which I have downloaded from

      I am filling up ITR 1 form.


      1. Dear Kapil, based upon your LTC data, adjust the salary figure for taxable income purpose & quote this figure in your ITR in both places. TDS sheet as well as Income sheet.



        1. Kapil says:


          So, LTC will not come under any sections defined in Income Sheet. The way we put our 80C and 80D investments?

          And what about the proofs? I am having all the relevant boarding pass etc with me. Should I be keeping them with me or should submit it to employer? Till when should I be keeping them with me?

          Also, only flight tickets are considered for tax benefit or any taxi that I had boarded for local sight seeing?

          Sorry, if I am asking too many questions.

          thanks. Kapil.

          1. Dear Kapil, LTC comes under non taxable allowances. So it’s not under those section 80C or D or E…..

            Please keep proof with you for next 2-3 years or so. No need to submit the boarding pass to your employer or anywhere else.

            Flight tickets + taxi rent is eligible for tax benefit.



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