CIBIL score of 791 still application rejecting.

POSTED BY Ashish ON July 23, 2012 5:14 pm COMMENTS (8)

Hi All,
I has my pending amount of Credit Card and they put my name in RBI as a result my CIBIL fell down. But then I paid full amount to bank of Rs. 5900. There was no pending amount and I even got NOC from bank. But my applications were getting rejected. Then I fetched my CIBIL score and it was 791.
I wonder what is causing problem for my applications.
One of the Bank is saying you have CIBIL problem.
I have my CIBIL report with me, can any one have a review and comment over my credit history.

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  1. Ashish says:

    Thanks Friend!
    Please forward me your emailid.
    I will forward you the report along with details.

    Thanks in Anticipation,

    1. Dear Ashish, please check my profile for my mail-id.



  2. S B says:


    CIBIL TransUnion Score of 791 is a good score. Can you tell me when was your last application and what product did you apply for?

    If the application was for Credit card or personal loan, there are 2 possible explanations.

    1) The bank may be using a high cut-off for score (such as score > 800). A lot of banks have tightened credit over last 2 years after experiencing heavy losses on their unsecured portfolios.

    2) The bank may be looking at your amount past due of Rs 5900 and denying you credit despite having a good credit score.

    If you still want me to review your credit report, I could do so. Please post your email id and I will contact you over email.

    S B

  3. Ashish says:

    First of all thanks a lot Manish for your response!
    You have been very cooperative throughout this conversation.
    I wasn’t getting any help from anywhere regarding this.
    I don’t have any amount due and it is showing – in place of due amount.
    Still I have doubt, that’s why it will be very kind of you if you will have a look over my report briefly.
    Thanks in Anticipation,

    1. Ashish

      I can look at it, but I want you to take charge . If I can look at it , even you can make out conclusions out of it ,. And truely speaking its not rocket science . Its very simple to look at it . I will guide you on that.

      Kindly look at this PDF from Cibil -

      And also see this video –

      If still you have any query , come back – we will help you


  4. Credit card is counted as loan only, because when you spend somthing on card , its a loan to be repaid back , Just see the accounts section first and see the remarks , what is the remark for that credit card ?

    Also is there any amount pending from long time or did you settle your loan (paid less than the outstanding) earliar


  5. ok , score is one thing . 791 is a good score . Now lets move to the report

    In the ACCOUNTS section , is there any loan which still has a remark like “Settled” or “Written off” . How many days has passed since you make the payment to credit card ? because it takes around 60 days for them to update to CIBIL .

    1. Ashish says:

      I didn’t take any loan, it was just one card which gave me so much pain.

      Can I send you my CIBIL report so that you can get an idea.

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