CIBIL Score 763, but has Written-off status for one of my credit cards – Need to apply for home loan

POSTED BY sandeeplakshmi ON March 29, 2014 2:32 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi Friends,

I am going to apply for a home loan. For this i had generated CIBIL report & got a score of 763.

Actually i was out of india for past 2 years i.e, from 2012. During 2011-2012 i had a credit card with Citibank with an outstanding amount of 30k. I simply forgot about it. Now in the CIBIL Report the status of the credit card is being shown as WRITTEN-OFF for the above amount+interest.

The CIBIL site says that persons having 750+ score , have 80% approval rate in getting any kind of loans (Home/Personal/Automotive/Credit cards).

have another HDFC credit card on my name, which my wife was using from past 2 years. In CIBIL report this card is good. It doesn’t have any bad remarks as the amount on it is being cleared on regular basis[With out paying minimum amount dues] & doesn’t have any outstanding balances on date.

I Also had an Education Loan for 2 lacs which EMI’s are duely paid & closed as of now. CIBIL report is also good on this.

If i go for a home loan what will happen now ?

will the good remarks override my past bad remarks ? Please suggest.

Can i talk to the CITI bank & settle the amount, if so would they remove the WRITTEN-OFF status & change it to some thing positive?

NOTE: Description is too long. Thanks for you time in reading out. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Sandeeplakshmi,

    We would suggest that you repay the complete outstanding balance to CITI bank. Although 763 is a decent credit score it does no guarantee the approval of your home loan application. Negative remarks like “written off” or “settled” are viewed negatively by banks and hence the advice of repaying the complete balance.

    Ensure that you obtain a NOC for the same and that the Written – off remark is removed from your CIBIL credit report.

    The fact about your Education loan and credit card being paid on time could override the negative remark of “written off”. However, this would completely depend on the credit policies of the bank and hence cannot be commented on.


  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Sandeep, please clear all the dues to CITI and ask there to clear your name. Anything in between is not a positive for you.



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