Earlier I made a question on jago invesor refrence http://localhost/jagoforum2/cibil-rectification/7874/.

After making a payment & waiting for 2 month,I get again CIBIL Report & seems some improvement on my credit score here surprise are:
Now reported effected credit card cibil report:

Credit Limit –
High Credit-36,784
Current Balance -6434 This show Negative Balance
Amount Overdue –
Written Off Status-Written off

DPD Stats – last two month it’s shows 00 00

Written off & Negative Balance I don’t understand .

Please help me to ellobrate this why show negative balance & written off status

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  1. Negative balance should mean that you actaully have to get it back . Did you repay it back or not ? Because written off status comes only when you dont pay it back .

    I suggest checking it with bank

    1. john williams says:

      Hi Manish

      Hope you are doing well .

      I have a query with my CIBIL report . My Score says 824/900. But there are two entries in CIBIL.One is credit card balance amount 20007,status says written off.and the second entry is Over draft account , status says written off, Balance amount Nil .

      Help me how can i clear these from my CIBIL ? eventhough score is good these entries looks bad for me .. do u suggest me to apply a loan with these entries ?

      or how should i proceed?

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