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I recently got my CIBIL reports, which is bad as it has only 626 points.

I have Closed 4 credit card in the past ( 2007 – 2009).

  • SBI & HDFC has agreed that i don’t have due on them and they will amend the change in CIBIL and remove the status “settled”.


  • Whereas Citibank mentioned the status as “Restructured Loan”, as i have converted my total dues in EMI & paid it off.  When speaking to Citibank they said i don’t have any due and this status can’t be changed.

01. Is the term “Restructured Loan” affecting my scores? If so how could i go forward with this?

  • Lastly, HSBC replied i don’t have any dues with them, but they won’t change the status from “settled” as i have settled the credit card.

02. How to go forward with this and get my cilib cleared from HSBS settled term.

Please help. I’m planning to go for home loan in this year; i want to improve my CIBIL score before i apply for the loan.

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  1. NagarajanR says:

    Dear Sir / Mam,

    HLF My Loan Is clear but cibil account balance is mentioned 1,06,208 RS, so pls cross check once and clear My account on my Personal Request.


    1) HLF – LOAN ACCOUNT NO ——- KABNBN01470
    3) SANCTIONED AMOUNT ———– 800000
    4) EMI AMOUNT ————————23500
    5)CURRENT BALANCE —————- 106208 RS (Please sir above mentioned Balance amount i will clear


  2. pooja singh says:

    Dear deba,
    These terms “settled” and “restructured loan” have negative remarks on cibil report. but you can remove it like i did.I thought I had settled and finished my problems. But the banks still were refusing me loans.. i got in touch with and now all my bad remarks are gone.The entire experience was a pleasure, the price was right, the counsellors were always courteous and well informed.

    1. Deba1234 says:

      Update:- As promised SBI & HDFC has sent me NOC as per the time they said.

      @ pooja singh,
      i have contacted similar consulting firm,,
      which turned out to be a big time fraud. Once i paid their consultancy fee (10,999/- they never responded to my calls or any email.

      i have lost my money + many time running after them.
      Im sharing their detail so other can think twice before giving a single rupees to them.
      see the confirmation mail below:-

      —– Forwarded Message —–
      From: sujith(DebtDoctor)
      Sent: Tuesday, 15 January 2013 11:04 AM
      Subject: Mail from Debt doctor

      Dear Debashish,

      PFA of the payment receipt, Reg# BLR13010033

      You will get an email from the review team,

      Regarding the process to start and Mr. ananth will be handling from the service team.

      Please send the documents which we had sent you.

      Thanks & Regards


      Financial Consultant

      Debt Doctor logo

      Debt Doctor Management Services Private Ltd.

      ISO 9001;2008 Certified Company

      Level 5,Leo Complex

      #44/45 Residency Cross Road

      Bangalore-560025 INDIA

      Board # +91 80 30732222, Direct +91 80 30732216, Mob: 9916232037

      Url: , E-mail:


      Their bank details are as flows:-
      —– Forwarded Message —–
      From: Anantha(Debt Doctor)
      To: ‘Debashish Das’
      Sent: Saturday, 12 January 2013 4:50 PM
      Subject: RE: Test mail

      Dear Debashish,

      Please find the details about HDFC bank to make an NEFT transfer.




      ACCOUNT NO:00762020001772

      IFSC CODE:0000076

      Best regards,


      +91 80 3073 2251

      Debt Doctor Management Services Private Ltd.

      ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

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      1. Manjunath says:

        Even I lost nearly 7000rs ,After collecting money no one will call you back from DEBT Doctor,better be aware before subscribing.

        1. Deba1234 says:

          Hi Manjunath,
          its that right, they never recognize you, once you pay them.

          But its the same case of all the firms who claim to do magic to your bad credit rating. In reality what they promise is not possible at all, their is no another way rather then paying each paisa of due to the banking institutions.
          we try to find out a short-cut and fall prey to these type of credit correction firms.

          Although its mention many times in this forum, i have learnt the hard way after wasting 11K on debt doctor.
          believe me its not hard at all, i have got all due cleared personally without any help for anyone, paid less them 3K for all banks & received NOC.

          i feel my decision to be most idiotic by contacting the above said firm.

  3. Credexpert says:

    Dear Deba 1234,

    Are you willing to pay the outstanding on your HSBC credit card? If Yes then, before doing so check with HSBC if they are ready to remove the settled status after you clear off the dues. If No then, there is nothing much that can be done about removing this settled remark.

    As rightly mentioned by Ashal, you can always attach the copies of the letters of the bank with your application to show that you are willing to pay the outstanding – assuming you are willing to do so.


  4. CIBIL says:

    For resolution of your queries, kindly write to us online by visiting the following url on our website:
    If any information on your CIR is inaccurate or needs to be updated, we shall be pleased to help you with the Dispute Resolution. The easiest way to initiate a dispute request is by submitting a duly completed On-Line Dispute Form available on our website:
    We would further like to advise you not to divulge personal / financial information on public forums

  5. Deba1234 says:

    thanks Ashal,

    SBI & HDFC is cooperating and they will send me in email withing 5 working days.

    where as other two (Citibank & HSBC) are not giving any proper response at all.

    what shall be done in this case ?

  6. dear Deba, apart from the CIBIL report, please ask individual bank to provide the written communication for what they are telling the current status of old mistakes. When applying for a home loan, attach the copies of these letter of individual banks with your applicatioon to declare your past history & your efforts to clean that up.



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