CIBIL misreporting – my credit score reduced and loan got rejected

POSTED BY thiruplaza ON September 2, 2014 9:18 am NO COMMENTS

Dear Sir, i have availed a current account form old sector private bank. Due to non maintenance of minimum balance  ,  the account in debit balance.( kindly note i have never availed a credit facility form the bank).

On checking my CIBIL report the above current account no flagged as overdue in my CIR. However I closed the current account.

On making inquiry @ bank they said as I have sanctioned a temporary Overdraft facility for my current account . ( i have never requested for Overdraft facility)

I have requested to furnish the detail of limit and ROI etc till date they never furnished.( i have a acknowledge copy)

Due to Low CIBIL score my loan application is rejected from 4 banks. Current account is closed by paying the amount.

My query is :

1) Debit balance in current account can be disclosed in CIR ?

2) Can I  escalate the matter to Ombudsman?

thanks in advance

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