CIBIl DPD issue , how to improve score or get home loans.

POSTED BY Raju Biswas ON March 7, 2013 6:22 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hello Sir,

I would like to get your kind advice and suggestion on my issue.

a) I had a Credit Card and for which I had made delayed payment because my financial situation was bad at that time and had to spent money because my father was hospitalised that time. But later I made the payment and closed the credit card. In my CIBIL record I have Due Past Days(DPD) which was recorded values other than zero.

b) Similarly I had another Credit Card which I had requested for closure over phone but these guys have not closed it then in 2007. Later in 2012 when I applied for Loan my loan got rejected. I got a copy of my CIBIL report and found that that Credit Card had huge amount attached to it and status was updated as WRITTEN-OFF.Since I didn’t had any proof to tell that I requested for Closure then I agreed to pay the entire amount and paid the whole amount.These time I did all communication over letter and e-mail and these guys have issued me NOC and cleared the status as NIL. But the issued remained the same here with Due Past Days (DPD) which was recorded vales other tan zero.

Now due to this DPD my score is 625 and these score will not be sufficient to get home loan.

My question is:

a) How do I improve my CIBIL score as the two credit card account mentioned above is closed and closed account are not updated by respective financial institution.

b) How can I get home loan as I have these DPD issue in CIBIL report which reflects that I didn’t paid eariler regularly.

But on the contrary I have one more Credit Card and two loans which was eariler taken which was closed with no issues.

Request your feedback and suggestion.


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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Biswas,

    Closed accounts are reported by the lenders for a minimum of 7 years. There is no way to remove the late payments on this account. Continue making timely repayments on your other credit card and home loan to improve your score.


  2. Dear Raju, Please file a dispute with CIBIL for the rectification in your report as you have paid all the amount now. On your behalf, CIBIL ‘ll contact the respective banks & you ‘ll get an updated score as well as report.



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