Choosing term insurance policy based on their overall reputation

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I am aged 30 years, non smoker,married,  annual income is approx. 10 lakhs. I want to take term insurance policy for 1 crore for 35 years. I have googled and sorted out some plans but in a confusion regarding the service/reputation/reliability of the companies.

In my research i found that rating is found as 1) LIC, 2).ICICI,3).HDFC,4).SBI,5).MAXLIFE, 6)KOTAK……11)AVIVA. I have got the quotes for maxlife as Rs.8877 and Aviva as Rs.8376. I request you to suggest me which one i should choose in terms of reliability, reputation, service, cliam settlement,etc. If there is any other good option please suggest me giving the details…..

Please elaborate on MAXLIFE and AVIVA insurance companies and their prospects…………. thanks in advance.

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