Choosing of DEBT fund

POSTED BY vadivel mr ON June 10, 2013 8:00 am ONE COMMENT

I want to accumulate ~7 to 8 lakhs by 2015 (2yrs time frame). My surplus after monthly expenses would be around 35K. Since the time frame is very short I think I should be going with either RD or FD or DEBT funds.

As I fall under 30% tax bracket I was advised that in FD the after tax return would be lesser compared to the after tax return from DEBT funds.

Now want your suggestion on which DEBT funds should I choose for this purpose.

1. Templeton India Ultra Short Bond Super Inst-G
2. Reliance money manager (Understand there is a withdrawal card using which we can withdraw upto 50% of investment anytime.)
3. Or any other fund

It would help if you could educate me with some detailed explanation on why you would suggest a particular fund.

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  1. Even at 5% post tax interest you can safely accumulate 8.8L if you save 35 K a month.

    If the goal is crucial best to invest via RDs. Tax is secondary to capital protection for important goals.

    Otherwise choose either fund 1 or 2 you have listed. not much to choose bet. them.

    you can use this to compare post tax returns of all investments

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