Choice of MFs for various goals

POSTED BY H M ON June 2, 2013 2:55 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi All,

I wanted suggestions for chosen MFs based on life goals. Please suggest if you think it should be any different.

1) Emergency Fund: 75% Liquid fund from FT + 25% long term FDs

2) Retirement Fund: 50% EPF (cant reduce this now but %age allocation to this goal will reduce from next year onwards) + 50% in following MFs:

a) IDFC Premier Equity – 20% of 50%

b) Quantum Long term Equity – 30% of 50%

c) Franklin India Bluechip – 30% of 50%

d) HDFC Top 200 – 20% of 50%

3) Children Education Fund (kid is right now 1.5 year old): HDFC Prudence

4) Additional Expenses (Vacation, Car): HDFC Prudence


Thanks for all the help.




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  1. Dear HM, why limit to just 4 & not make the list 40? If 2-3 funds can not do it for you, more funds also, can not do it for you.



  2. H M says:

    Thanks Ashal for the quick answer.

    Do you think IDFC Premier alone is a good satellite fund. When I did the analysis for returns (3Y, 5Y) & the various ratios it can at the top.

    My idea to choose 4 funds & hence HDFC Top 200 was 60:40 ratio for Core-Satellite funds.

  3. Dear HM, for vacation & car please park in a liquid fund if the time frame is anywhere from next 1-3Y. Regarding loan term goals, please invest in only 3 funds.

    Quantum LTEF
    Franklin IBCF
    IDFC Prem. Eq.



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