Child plans for my new born baby

POSTED BY abhijeet modi ON March 30, 2013 8:07 pm COMMENTS (3)


I am looking for value investment for child who born before 1 month. 

any good policy where i add some amunt every year for 20 yrs period with valuable returns.


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  1. Dear Abhijeet, if you die today, how ‘ll your family survive? In addition to what dear FFC has told you above, please purchase a plain vanilla term cover of at least 15 time of your yly income + add any loan liabilities into it.



  2. Abhi G says:

    Dear Abhijeet Congratulations for becoming proud father. As above comment laid out a roadmap for investing, follow it for 20 years religiously. Calculate your expected returns for this 20 years periods and choose 1-2 MFs max! If they perform for 3,5 & 10 years, there should be no reason to look for another plan or investments.

  3. Stay away from polices and child plans. first plan for his education and marriage(if you like)
    Determine the amt to be invested
    Open a ppf account in your childs name and invest 20-40% of amt to be invested
    Invest the rest in good diversified equity mutual funds.

    You could use this for your planning

    Make sure you have enough pure life insurance.

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