Cheque bounced even after I paid full amount – How does it affect my CIBIL Score ?

POSTED BY pankaj.patidar ON December 27, 2014 11:22 am COMMENTS (7)


I have taken a consumer durable loan from tata capital in year 2012 and pre-paid it in 2013 but even after prepayment they presented cheque to bank. since i have prepaid loan amount equivalent to cheque amount was not available in bank account and cheque get bounced because of that bank charged me ecs return charge of INR 450 and tata capital also charged 450 as ecs return charge and i was not informed about that tata capital charged me any amount.

That’s why i was not aware of that  they defaulted me for more than one year some days back i checked my cibil and i found that, it also impacted my cibil now my score is 600. now i paid that amount to tata capital. In all this there was not my mistake. kindly suggest me how can i rectify my cibil i had lots of time called on tata capital customer care but no resolution.

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  1. Hemanth says:

    Are you sure that there is no mistake from your side ?

    1. pankaj.patidar says:

      Yes I am sure

      1. Hemanth says:

        Dude, sorry to say this. you didn’t have the necessary balance for your ECS to be successful. That is your mistake….
        That is why they have charged you.
        Also, you didn’t even care to check whether the loan is closed or not.
        You didn’t check your bank account whether the money has been paid to tata capital.
        You didn’t even see your bank statement and so you didn’t find the charges for the ECS failure.
        Now, tell me whether they did all the mistake for your loss of CIBIL score or is it you.

        1. pankaj.patidar says:

          Hi Hemanth,

          I have already pre-paid all the amount then why I need to keep necessary balance in my bank account?

          I am used to check my bank statement frequently at least once in a month.

          1. Hemanth says:

            your answers are contradicting. u said u paid everything prepaid, then you did u give the check and why did it bounce ? have u checked with tata capital whether the loan is closed after u gave the cheque ?

            1. pankaj.patidar says:

              I have given cheques at the time of borrowing loan. Yes I have checked and they informed me that loan is closed.

            2. Hemanth says:

              if loan is closed then why does ur score decrease

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