Cheating by India Bulls real estate

POSTED BY Naveen Rao ON March 19, 2012 2:46 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi ,

How can i get access to the email id’s of Sameer Gehaut,Rajeev Rattan and Vipul Bansal .I am being cheated by India Bulls real estate folks and i want to bring it to these senior folks notice .

It is so pathetic dealing with India Bulls Real Estate and India Bulls Home loans , they are so unprofessional , nobody bothers to reply or answer in these companies and they are so rude .

They are cheating me now , by levying interest charges on the payment already made .I am fed up with them .



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  1. Dear naveen Rao, can you please elaborate your complaint?



  2. Naveen,

    My two cents. If you are not the only one, it makes sense to make collective effort.
    Chances of being heard is more when you have bigger group. Have your scope
    properly defined and approach as group.

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