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After going through the article “Best Term Insurance Policy In India(Comparison with Charts)” on 23rd December,2010 I searched some term plan as I feel I should take a term plan as early as possible.I further enquired some online term plan of different policy,following are the observations for example I took the age as on date 27 years as non tobacco user.

COMPANY                                     SA(LACS)   TERM(YRS)    ANNUAL PREMIUM(WITH TAX)

METPROTECT(METLIFE)                         50        30                 6618


OPTION 1                                            50       30                 5901

OPTION 2                                            50*     30                 8714**



AEGON RELIGARE                                   50       25              5350

KOTAK E PREFFERED PLAN(STEP UP)         50#     30               6138

#SA can be as max as 3*50 Lacs=1.5 Crore 

conditions are

Events Maximum Increase in Sum Assured
1. Marriage 50% of original Sum Assured
2. Purchase of house in India after commencement of the policy (subject to maximum of loan amount)
3. Birth or legal adoption of a child 25% of original Sum Assured
4. On the 1st, 3rd and 5th policy anniversary

If I don’t account all the benefit then after min 1 year the SA will be min 62.5 Lacs, on marriage the SA will be 87.5 Lacs(hope all of us will be get married soon) after 1st child SA will be 1 Crore with the same premium and so on…..

now my point is Kotak e preffered is comparatively cheaper than others(it’s completely my personal view).Plz correct me if I’m wrong.Manish and all friends plz give your comment on my findings.


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  1. bharat shah says:

    i don’t think that your SA would increase without increase of premium. it is only that you can go for increase of SA in case of the condition fulfillment with the limits , but with increase of premium. in that way it seems not the cheapest . however you should consider other requirements like riders, such as ci etc. and decide whether for online or offline and the insurer.

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