Change of wife’s sur name in PPF opened through post office – Docs really required.

POSTED BY sunil ON January 28, 2013 1:24 pm COMMENTS (4)

People in postoffice are asking an Affidavite from Govt so as to change wife’s surname on the PPF account…

Is it really required after having marriage certificate??? ANY IDEA???

Can we file an “RTI” for getting this information, if so, can anyone supply the format.

Many Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Dear sunil, please send me your personal mail id. Alternatively you may download the same from here.



  2. sunil says:

    Thanks Banyan and Ashal…
    Ashal, could you please forward me the document (with the rules) or guide me if i can get them from Indian Postal website (anywhere)… i can show him on face about the rules…
    They are soo adamant and reckless in answering.

  3. Dear Sunil, there is no such requirement. I do haver a copy of PPF rules with me & from the language there, it’s clearly written that documentary evidence given by the female subscriber is enough. It may be the marriage certificate also. So no need to go for that affidavit.



  4. BanyanFA says:

    This is very unreasonable. Generally they would accept a marriage certificate and get this done. Ask him where is it written to send these details. I understand that it is easier said than done, but as you have mentioned that it is easier to do via RTI.

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