Change of Name in PAN Card after Marriage

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If a girl has changed her name after marriage

1) Does she have to get a new pancard with a new PAN no. so that the PAN card shows her changed name?
2) In future does she has to file all tax returns under the new name?
3) Will the dept cancel the old PAN no.?
4) What is the procedure for getting a new PAN card and getting the old one cancelled?
5) How to deal with the Mutual funds and shares purchased on her maiden name if New PAN is issued?

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  1. mamta sitaram deshmukh says:

    Can I make new pan card after marriage

    1. No, you can only change your name in the existing PAN

  2. Pranali says:

    Hello Tarun, I want to know that we have to apply for updation of change in pan card or need to reapply for pan after marraige, Please suggest me.

    1. You need to apply for name change in PAN

  3. Anamika Soni says:


    I wanted to change my name in PAN card for that all are saying that I have to close my Bank Account which was earlier opened with maiden name…
    Is it right that I have to close that a/c??
    Please reply asap.
    Thank you,

    1. I am not sure on that, but seems like they might be correct !

  4. Del says:

    I am married and want to change my name to include middle name as my husband’s name and surname as his surname. Will my PAN card no. change when I apply for new PAN card on new name?

    1. Yes You can apply for the PAN card this way !

  5. P.A. THMAPI says:

    I have applied for a new PAN card, but the authorities asked for proof of identity and residential address in full name instead of initials. I have only supporting documents like Voter ID, Addhar Card and Licence with two initials before my name. What to do now. Whether a certificate be obtained from the Gazettee officer in this regard shall serve the purpose. If yes, in which format. Kindly advise at the very earliest.

    1. Hi P.A. THMAPI

      Thanks for asking your question. However, I dont think I am eligible to answer your query as its either out of scope of my knowledge or its not related to money matter directly


  6. Neha says:

    I want to open salary account in HDFC bank.problem is my after marriage surname is mentioned on offer latter n employer account opening latter.i have marriage certificate but bank not accepted pls.tell me the way because account should be in same surname.

    1. Hi Neha

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  7. sunil says:

    you may change pan name after marriage get more about this query please visit this website know your pan card status

  8. Kalyani says:


    I would like to make the changes in my surname after marriage. I have marriage certificate, ID & address proof. As per guidelines I need to submit to copy of passport showing Husband’s name but my husband does not have the passport. Is there any alternative way or proof which can be provided such as Aadhar or Pan card containing my husband name?

    Please help.


    1. We are not sure on this

    2. Del says:

      You can use Ration card or your husband’s driving license as address proof.

  9. daxesh says:


    Please any one if help me … after marriage if I would like to add my name as my wife husband on Pan card is it Possible
    Please let me know how to add my name without change her father Name and Pan No.

    1. When you change the name in PAN , the PAN number does not change anyways. JUst fill the PAN name change form from their website !

  10. milind says:

    i wish to apply for new pan card of wife after marraige what is the procedure & relevant document

  11. gauri George says:

    hello. I want to change my name on pan card I.e. want to update d name after marriage. me and my husband reciding with his brother on rent. could you plz let me know what all documents for address proof I need to give as rent agreement is not on our name and dnt have any address proof

  12. Samrath says:

    You may visit here to check you PAN Status and make a change request at

  13. Ravi says:

    you will have to get a name change affidavit notorized. that will be done on the basis of marriage certificate. Once done, you can then submit affidavit.
    Check with them if notorized affidavit will be enough or not. If not, then you will need state government name gazzete, which you will get by approaching local municipality and submitting marriage certificate and affidavit to them.

  14. truptiB says:

    Thanks Ravi and sorry i was not clear completely. My first name has not changed. The change is only in last name. Yet, they are asking for ID proof with my new name. I dont get it, if everyone asks for the new id …where to start from???

  15. truptiB says:

    I got married recently and have applied for name change. But they are asking for a proof with my new name. OFcousre, Pan card was the first change. Isnt only Marriage certificate and old address and ID proof enough?

    1. Ravi says:

      Hi Trupti,

      I recently got this done for my wife.

      If your first name is also changing after marriage, then just marriage certificate is not enough. You will need to submit marriage certificate and state government name change gazzete and/or name change affidavit. I submitted both affidavit and name change gazzete, along with marriage certificate. To get the name change done in gazzete, you will need to approach local municipal with your marriage certificate and name change affidavit that is notorized.

      We needed to change her first name also, because we have her new first name in her employment records.

    1. ashlesha says:

      Please tell me after filling the form what is the process

  16. Abhijit says:

    I think the process of changing the name of a married lady is pretty similar to applying for a new PAN card, the only difference is you will need to provide your old card number.
    Your new PAN card will carry the old number, but with a new name on it.

    Documents required is a “Marriage certificate”

    If you haven’t done with it please do it as early as possible because now a days it is almost impossible to do any financial thing or transactions without your PAN card.

    Once you have your new PAN, one need to ensure that all the relevant change in names has been done. Ex- PASSPORT, Bank records update, Change in address in the bank records, Driving License, Voters ID, if you are in the nominees of somebody (your father) kindly get it updated as well. Complete / update your KYC formalities as well with revised information, change in property papers if any, change of name in your investment papers as mutual funds, shares etc.

    One need to ensure uniformity in all the relevant documents but it is good to start with the PAN card. Better to do it ASAP to avoid complications if something goes wrong……


  17. Tarun Aggarwal says:

    Thanks Ashal and Manish for your valuable inputs.


  18. Ok I didnt knew that PAN number will be same , The PAN Number is still to arrive 🙂 . Sorry for mistake !

  19. Dear Tarun, in case of women, post marriage, only the name (new name) can be updated under the same old PAN. I have done it for my friends. The woman in question ‘ll apply for data updation in the PAN record & she ‘ll get the new PAN Card with the old No.



  20. This happened with me also , I got married 1 yr back and had to change PAN for my wife

    1. Yes, you will get new PAN number (new card)

    2. Yes, as the person has new PAN , she will have to file it on new name only

    3. Yes , it will be cancelled

    4. You have all the info at, marriage certificate is something you would need. so make sure you have got the marriage certificate .

    5. For redeemption this is not important


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