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What are the good institutes for CFP certificaitons? I have came across IIFP, surat. How i can check accrediation of its cfp certificaiton?

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  1. Jig says:

    Hello Ashal,
    Same like you i am from engineering background. But i would like to know the procedure to start ABC in Financial Learning. Some of the Ques: are:
    1. Is it require to have any academic degree to start for CFP?
    2. Is correspondence/ online study also available?
    3. I cant see IIFP in Authorised education center on the website mentioned by dear Justgrowmymoney. So i should consider that is the updated list on site?
    4. Any help from CFP on this forum?


    1. Dear JIG, I have no personal experience of dealing with IIFP. For more info on CFP, please visit

      Yes online course materiel is available.

      My best wishes in advance for your future.



    2. suman says:

      Dear Jig,

      i was reading through CFP when i came across this post and thought of answering them:

      1) there is no education qualification you require to study for CFP although one with a graduate degree can apply for challenged status in which only one examination has to be given.. which is also supposed to be the toughest of all.

      2) yes, correspondence/ online is also available.. there are many centers and IIFP is one of them.

      3) i checked the latest list and IIFP is registered as an authorized study center.. therefore, you can definitely go with them. Their online course also seems to be the cheapest. You can go through various worksheets online plus through the institute.

      please go through the link:

      hope you find you way through!

  2. Dear Jig, do you mean that you are planning to join this IIFP for your own education?



  3. is the only authority in India to award CFP. IIFP is a recognized education provider for taking up the CFP exam modules.

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