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Hi Manish,

I applied for my CBIL report on the below mentioned website.


However the amount of 470Rs was deducted from my bank account, however i did not get a repsonse code nor i got any confirmation no.

Here is the transaction date n time – 23/10/2012 PURCHASE SUBJECT: MCUPOS 23OCT0614 Card no.: 5497XXX1XXXX0006 23OCT CRINFOBUREAU -TECHPRO Ref: 229715840297 470.

How do i get the refund & fresh CBIL report.


Aditya Ashtaputre


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  1. Dear Aditya, please check following link & do needful there as per instructions given by C”IBIL people.




  2. You can either get money back or the report . Because obviosuly you need to pay if you want report also .

    Send the bank statement to CIBIL and also talk to customer care about it , generally they are very helpful on this and should be able to resolve this


  3. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Ashtaputre,

    Since the payment has been deducted from your bank account, you should write to CIBIL with a copy of the statement showing this particular transaction. If you want a refund, ask for a refund and if you want your report please also send to them the documents they require as per their website.


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