Car Insurance for a Second Hand Car – Help required

POSTED BY Jagoinvestor ON January 24, 2013 10:23 pm COMMENTS (4)

I bought a second hand car from Maruti True Value. It has been delivered to me already, The Car is not yet transferred on my name at RTO . That would will be done by Maruti True Value guys in next few weeks. They told me to take car insurance and give them a proof about it, because they would need it (as told by them)

Now my queries are as follows 


1. Which Companies are better for Car Insurance ? Is there anything to be looked at before moving forward ? Or Do all are same? 

2. I have no idea about the previous car insurance . Its mostly expired now and Maruti True Value people have not updated me about it . So I am assuming that right now there is no existing insurance which is going on. So What documents would be needed by me to take the car insurance ?

3. As I have just taken the second hand car, Are there any concessions given to the car owner without car insurance if police catches me without car insurance before the name transfers ? I mostly understand that this can not happen, but just checking . 

4. Any additional suggestions while taking car insurance ? How much time does it take to get it ? I have to travel in next 48 hours in the same car to some outstation place ? Any points to remember ?


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  1. rajkanwar321 says:

    I would suggest to get a car insurance first before moving on. There are several car insurance companies in the market all satisfying individual needs. You have to choose the one that best suits your requirement. Mine was satisfied by Liberty Videocon General Insurance Company. For more details you can check here for documents and the transfers.

  2. RohitShenoy says:

    The information given by Ashal is very much correct and helpful for those who are unaware about it.

  3. Dear Manish, please postpone the travel plan or do not use your car. As per Motor Vehicle act, uninsured vehicles can not be used on road. Yes you can not use your car till the time of insurance. So first of all please purchase a car insurance for yourself.

    I’m (actually was) personally using IFFCO Tokio policy & found it good. My claim was honored even though I was out of India after filing the claim (at the time of filing, I was in India).

    To get the name transfer in registration book, having car insurance is a precondition.

    So my dear friend, act fast & purchase a car insurance from any insurer, you are comfortable at. As it’s your first vehicle, no immediate benefit ‘ll be given by insurer to you.



    1. Thanks for the answer Ashal

      I got the insurance today !

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